The GTA-R 300 Carbon Is What You Get When You Combine Carbon Fiber With an Iconic Alfa Romeo

The backdated Porsche 911 with that unique interior may not have been a total hit with you, our readers, but what about this Alfa Romeo GTA built by tuning shop Alfaholics?

Unlike the aforementioned Porsche, this Alfa Romeo—called the GTA-R 300 Carbon—is not for sale as it’s one-off build (though many of its parts can be purchased from Alfaholics), but that doesn’t mean it isn’t packing some unique features like the 911, the most notable being the composition of its outer shell: carbon fiber.

Sure, the body lines may look like factory metal, though if you look close enough, you can see the carbon weave peeking through in some places. In fact, Alfaholics claims that the lightweight body panels drop about 88 pounds off of the car.

The modifications don’t end there, however, as the GTA-R is powered by a 240-horsepower Twin Spark engine—an improvement over the roughly 100 horsepower produced by the factory Alfa, depending on the trim.

The suspension and brakes have also been reworked, featuring fully adjustable wishbones, as well as six-pot front calipers and two-pot rears.

Inside, the interior looks period-correct, finished in red leather and equipped with a roll cage “trimmed in Alcantara."

So, comparing this to the backdated 911, does the GTA-R 300 Carbon wear its restomodding better or worse?

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1/25/21 9:36 p.m.

great workmanship - great looking engine bay - have my doubts about the rear wheel arches. I once raced a GTA with this model twin plug engine and from memory (always suspect after this long period of time) the arch extensions didnt look like this ? The originals merged more subtly in to the rear quarter fenders whilst these look like simple extensions - and a bit crude compared to the rest of the very sleek body ? Having the carbon fibre body hopefully means no more nasty little bumps sticking up on the front fenders when stones richochet off the tyres and in to the wheel well. Finally, perhaps the interior looks a bit too plush compared to the original - but how nice to  see the dashboard as it is. Sorry for the criticisms - because, by golly, I'd take this car in a heartbeat ! Well done Alfaholics.

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