Is owning your dream car everything you thought it would be?

Photograph Courtesy Lamborghini

We all have that one car we dream about owning someday, though many don't get the chance to make those dreams a reality.

But for those who did get the chance to own their dream classic, has the experience met your expectations?

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Kpgarage New Reader
1/4/24 11:28 a.m.

Hmmmm, let me think on that question. Oh yeah it is way more than I thought. Thanks, KO

Colin Wood
Colin Wood Associate Editor
1/4/24 11:42 a.m.

In reply to Kpgarage :

Touché wink

Rob New Reader
1/4/24 11:57 a.m.

I don't quite own my dreamcar (mid engine Italian, carbon fiber, F-40,Enzo,etc) but I did purchase an Alfa Romeo 4C which satisfies most of my dream. The 4C is a great car! Beautiful, fun, quick, head turner, and reliable. I don't drive it as much as I thought I would though because I am worried about door dings, being hit, vandalism. At this point it is destined to become a desired collectable, so I only drive it occasionaly to cars/coffee meetups.

Colin Wood
Colin Wood Associate Editor
1/4/24 12:07 p.m.

In reply to Rob :

I like the idea of finding a car that satisfies most of the dream. The 4C is really cool, it's a shame you don't see more of them on the road. The wheel color is awesome, too.

ktisdale New Reader
1/4/24 2:37 p.m.

1972 Pantera: 18 years of Yup!

1965 Tiger: 25 tears of Yup, after 4 years of restoration pain!crying

tesprit New Reader
1/4/24 3:05 p.m.

After many years I was finally able to purchase a gated F355 GTS and then an E-Type S1 3.8L OTS. Expectations and then some met with both cars and I have no intentions to ever sell either of them.

BGarlandJr New Reader
1/4/24 3:51 p.m.

'66 Shelby GT350 - Have owned for 35 years.  It's not concours quality, but driven every month or two and enjoyed.  And, yes, it's everything I thought it would be and more!

Dwight New Reader
1/5/24 7:38 a.m.

I bouth my first LBC in 1964, a '61 Bugeye...

Loved it, but traded it for a almost new '65 MGB... Fell in love...

It just needed a little more power.. And better gearing.. More forward gears, all syncro and a higher final drive...


Well, now I have that car, a'79 MGB, with  OD, more power and better suspension.. 

pefect? no. 200 MPH, no, but  practical and a great Autox car...

1/12/24 11:23 a.m.

In reply to Colin Wood :

In the early 1960's, when I was a kid living in Post housing in Munich, Germany, I say my first Jaguar E-type Coupe and Mercedes-Benz 230SL.  My mom got me the Matchbox versions of both when they came out, which I still have today.  I have been a serial collector of M.G.s since high school (six in the garage currently, from 1937 to 1967) but always wanted an E-Type coupe or a 230SL.  She Who Must Be Obeyed (also Chancellor of the Exchequer) told me she would be happy if I got one or the other - but not both!  This seemed reasonable and I started searching for a nice Series 1 Coupe or 230SL Pagoda back when they were not inexpensive, but still affordable for someone without deep pockets to buy.   After viewing specimens of both models that just weren't up to snuff, I finally found my dream Classic, a Havanna Brown 1966 230SL with both tops, automatic transmission and power steering. 

Over the last twenty years it has more than satisfied my dream on many levels.  First, She Who Must Be Obeyed truly approved of it and loves being chauffeured within. Second,  it brings a smile to my face just looking at it, and even more when driving.  Third, it brings smiles, waves and thumps-up from folks most everywhere I go.  Fourth, kids love to sit in it at car shows and Cars and Coffee events and grown-ups admire the jewel-like details that were lavished on what was the last of the truly hand-made Mercedes production cars.  And Fifth, it is comfortable to drive for long distances, with good luggage capacity and has been remarkably trouble-free to own and operate, things I don't think I would have been able to say for the E-type.  How many owners of 50+ year-old collector cars can order parts from their local (enter brand here) new car dealer and have them delivered by 11AM the next weekday?  It has done the Smokey Mountain Tour and will be our choice for another Classic Motorsports tour in the future.

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