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Photography Courtesy Fantasy Junction

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Don’t let the Italian lines fool you, this isn’t a long-forgotten gem from Modena, but a rare 1964 Apollo 5000GT from Oakland, California.

Particularly unique not only because it’s one of less than 90 ever built, but because it’s a later model powered a 300-cubic-inch Buick V8, instead of the 215 Buick V8s fitted to the earlier 3500GT models.

Showing only 4014 miles since new, the Apollo was formerly owned by the company founder Milt Brown, and is noted as spending some 35 years in storage “preserved by the dry Southern California climate.”

Finished in factory-correct green over a black leather interior, this 1964 Apollo 5000GT is available from Fantasy Junction for $195,000.

Eagle-eyed readers might also recognize the Apollo–actually the Apollo 3500GT–as the "Thorndyke Special" from 1968's The Love Bug:


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wspohn SuperDork
8/13/21 11:28 a.m.

Very nice job from a privateer, despite a couple of slightly odd angles (mostly around the rear of the car). The Borranis are a nice option, as is the larger engine.


Nickdoc New Reader
8/13/21 2:21 p.m.

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