Live From Scottsdale: How About a Never-Raced Sprite Streamliner LeMans Coupe?

So many cars, so many people. Yep, that’s Scottdale the middle of January. We’re here doing our thing: Checking out cars, talking to the people, and watching the market.

Even if you’re not buying, you can look. Something that caught our eye: this 1967 Austin-Healey Sprite Streamliner Le Mans Coupe. (Almost small enough to fit in the overheat compartment for the flight home.)

The idea here was to create a Sprite that could compete on a larger stage–something suitable for the day’s high-speed tracks. 

This one, though, seems to have missed its date with destiny. “Clearly built for competition and a genuine DHMC lightweight race Healey, the car presented here possess an unusual history for a competition vehicle in that it appears to have been very rarely driven in anger,” Bonhams states in its Scottdale catalog. “A photo from 1968 clearly shows the car in Fred Royston's Philadelphia BMC showroom being used as a promotional tool for the dealership. In addition, it is reported that Fred had the car made more 'streetable' as to make the car usable as his wife's grocery getter and further painted the car British Racing Green. With so few miles showing on the odometer today, it is unlikely this plan ever came to fruition.”

What’s it worth? The market has already spoken: It just sold for $123,200.

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mapleglen New Reader
1/18/20 6:16 p.m.

I happen to have a "Whuizzwheels" model of  the Sprite Le Mans Coupe. Big deal? Yes To me.

BBGun New Reader
1/20/20 7:58 a.m.

Interesting engine bay. The blanked off valve cover and large "fuel filler" cap next to the wiper motor suggest a dry sump? Extra ignition coil ready to swap in if the connected one fails? Really neat looking car. I have a rusty '69 Sprite in the driveway, maybe I could build a replica. Yeah right.

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