Get Prestigious at The Quail

This year’s Quail celebrated 50 years of Lamborghini, and the show field saw some of the best examples of the marque–a real treat Charging Bull fans.
Competition cars are also a big focus for the Quail, like this crazy rare Corvette Sting Ray.
We love the bobble canopy on this XK120–the speed-record car driven to an astonishing 172 miles per hour by the great Norman Dewis.
There’s no doubt room for just about any car you can think–especially when you see cars like this 1949 Voisin Biscooter.
This stunning Miura was one of the many Lamborghini stars.
Bentley always likes to make a big entrance, and this is about as grand as it gets.
Along with the great food...
... each geographically focused dining area has live music to complete the mood.
Celebrities like Jay Leno are all over the place at the Quail: another reason we love this event.
Michael Schumacher became our accidental lunch companion at the Quail panel discussion.
If newer cars are your passion, you can get a load of cars like his Bugatti Veyron.
We especially liked this prewar Alfa Romeos–always popular contenders at the Quail.
We especially liked this prewar Alfa Romeos–always popular contenders at the Quail.
What’s Monterey without the desirable Cobra coupe?

Of all the sports car events going on during sports car week, our favorite continues to be the premiere event of Monterey week: the Quail Motorsports gathering. Where else can you see the best classic sports and racing cars along with the newest and most spectacular modern sports and luxury cars? Plus, you can test drive a new Jaguar, Maserati, Land Rover, Audi or Bentley, have lunch with Michael Schumacher, and sample some of the best foods and wines on the Monterey peninsula.

It’s also privy to only a limited number of guests dressed in the best weekend casual fashions, as well as vendors selling auto-inspired clothing, automobiles and even a Ferrari part or two. The tickets are difficult to get and quite expensive, but when you consider the venue, the quality of cars on display, the fine food and drinks included, and the possibility of running into celebrities, this golden ticket may be the best one to have in Monterey.

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