In the September Issue: Why Not Avgas?

Photograph Courtesy BMW

This isn’t a new idea: Why not run aviation fuel in your classic? 

Thanks to its high octane and lack of ethanol, this avgas sounds intriguing. 

High Octane: Pump fuel intended for cars and trucks is rated on the Anti-Knock Index, which is the average between the Research Octane Number and the Motor Octane Number. 

Avgas, however, is rated on a slightly different scale. As a result, the avgas 100 found at many regional airports would have about as much knock resistance as a 105-octane fuel intended for cars and trucks.


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Datsunfan New Reader
7/23/20 9:04 p.m.

My uncle was on the small team of aircraft mechanics at Shannon Airport (Ireland) in the mid 50’s. (A guess at that date) Affiliated with TWA, but whatever landed and needed fixing, you fixed. He would have been about 24 at this time.

They ran av-fuel all the time, “it was great, we could advance the timing real far, and the Old Jag engine roared!”

only the airport customs guy knew they had access to un-road-taxed fuel, so he regularly dipped their tanks.  So they all made brass “top hats” that went into the filler neck and held 2 cups of road fuel.

and it burned real black, so customs guy used to finger swipe the tailpipes, so they all had fishtail exhausts you couldn’t get your finger into, like the Harley guys.

He said his wife told him, “you know the dog wakes up and goes to the door when you are still 3-4 miles away, that car sound is unique..”.  Yeah it is!

914Driver MegaDork
7/24/20 9:53 a.m.

Avgas is 100LL, that's low lead.  I drained 7 gallons of Avgas out of my plane when I bought it, I didn't know that it does not evaporate and thicken like gasoline.  I put it in my 350 Chevy truck.   OH MY !!  Mr. Truck really like it but at $6-7/gallon it was a one time event.

Racecars however ......

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