Sold: $110,000 for a 950-Mile Dodge Viper | Selling Price Smashes the Norms

$110,000. That’s how much a first-year, 1992 Dodge Viper sold for over on Bring a Trailer. Why the high price tag? The odometer just might offer us a clue: only 950 miles since it rolled off the assembly line. Is that a lot of money for a Viper with low miles? Let’s take a look at the numbers.

When new, the first-generation Viper retailed for around $52,000. Adjusted for inflation, that’s roughly $96,500. Sure, that’s only a difference of $13,500, though that means that, technically, a used 950-mile Viper is worth more than a brand-new Viper with zero miles on the clock. 

As well, Hagerty values a 1992 Viper in No. 1 concours condition—cars that are perfect in every single way and absolutely no flaws—at $75,900. To further skew the data, Bring a Trailer shows that, on average, a Viper of this vintage usually sells for between $20,000 and $40,000. The only outliers of that data is a supercharged example with only 10,000 miles, and this Viper with only 950 miles. (Even a Viper modified by tuning house Hennessey only fetched $28,750.)

The question presented by this sale, then, is how important to is mileage when it comes to shopping for cars like the Viper? And is this a flash in the pan, or is this setting a new trend for the American V10 supercar?

Speaking of trends, is this ’86 Porsche 911 that also recently sold on Bring a Trailer for an above-average price also a sign of prices to come?

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