What’s in Your Garage? Suddenly it’s 1962 in Ours!

Photo courtesy Revs Institute.

In our workshop right now we have a 1962 Elva MK VI which ran for the factory at the Sebring 12 Hour race and a 1962 Shasta 16-SC travel trailer.

Could you imagine camping at the track in your new Shasta, watching this Elva—the first rear-engine sports racer—make its American debut?

So what’s in your shop? Show us two (or more) more unique projects together in your shop and we'll pick our favorite and send you a Classic Motorsports T-Shirt! 


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mrichlen New Reader
8/1/19 8:57 p.m.

Sorry only one what I consider to be a unique project.  Early 50's Cooper based one off.  Trying to show some discipline in my old age, one project at a time. 



Tom1200 Dork
8/4/19 6:34 p.m.

As much as I'm a T-shirt whore I can't remotely call anything in my garage projects; everything is complete and running with the exception of my 62 Honda 90 but it just needs a carb clean. Of course for a free shirt I'm willing to take the doors off the 72 Datsun 1200 or the real cowling on my 1987 Novakar F500 and claim I'm giving them a team theme (they're both red).

Gary SuperDork
8/4/19 8:12 p.m.

My workshop project is a '68 Spit which I have worked on for 15 years, but haven't done much with for the past 3-4 years. Lost my gumption. (Gumption. Or loss thereof). That was a topic here a long, long time ago. Maybe 10+ years ago. If the original poster of that thread is still monitoring, please identify, because it was a great post. Loss of gumption. I'm thinking maybe somebody from the West Coast that was involved with a Porsche 914 or a Volvo 122 wagon. Possibly. I can't remember and don't really want to research the forum. But that thread was so right-on. If you recognize and are still reading, come forward and identify please.

mrichlen New Reader
8/8/19 10:41 p.m.

I wear a size large t-shirt. But since I only presented one project instead of two, I understand if you sent me only one half of a shirt.  Please sent me the top half, I would be proud to wear a t-shirt with your logo on it with my fat hairy 71 year old belly hanging out.

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