Jun 9, 2015 update to the Tornado Typhoon project car

Body Meets Frame

We placed the rear arms of the lift under the cage, making sure to wrap the lift arms in rags to make sure nothing got scratched.
Got it! Now we are ready to finish assembly.

With our Tornado Typhoon‘s body painted and our chassis all assembled, it was time to gently place the body back on the frame.

To make this easier, we made the roll cage bolt to the frame in four places so once lowered, the cage could simply be bolted .

To make this job even easier, we used our lift to lower the body onto the chassis. It was a tight fit, and we had to come in at a bit of an angle, but after a bit of jiggling and cursing, we once again had our Tornado body mated to our frame.

We now had about four weeks to finish the car. That’s long way to go since much of the interior needed to be fabricated.

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