May 26, 2015 update to the Tornado Typhoon project car

Bodywork Begins

Vinnie at the Body Werks turned our Tornado into a labor of love. Here he perfects the left rear quarter.
A special gauge is used to match curvatures on one side of the body to the other. In some places it wasn’t even close. Welcome to small production, mostly had-built sports cars from the '50s.

We jumped ahead on some of our mechanical bits in the last few updates on our project Tornado Typhoon. While all this was happening at our shop, the body was busily getting perfected at Body Werks in Holly Hill, Florida. Vinnie and Tom put hundreds of hours to perfect all the panel gaps and flatten out the wavy fiberglass body.

One of the biggest challenges was to get both sides of the car the same. The hand-made Tornado was extremely different from one side to the other.

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