Building an Exhaust System

As we worked our way through our project Tornado Typhoon, the next thing we would have to create was an exhaust system. Unlike a Triumph or MG, you cannot just call Moss or Victoria British and order an exhaust system for a Tornado Typhoon.

Like everything else on this project, we would have to first design and then fabricate an exhaust system. But, first we would need some raw parts. For those parts, we called Burns Stainless.

Burns sells not only beautifully made, tube shaped stainless steel mufflers in various sizes, but they also sell the small diameter stainless steel tubing we would need to create our exhaust system.

We ordered a selection of straight and curved pieces and the smallest muffler Burns sells. We then cut and welded—with stainless steel wire—everything together into a pretty decent looking little exhaust system. We had our friends at Marty’s Muffler in Ormond Beach flare a piece of pipe and supply us with the proper clamp to mate the exhaust system to our Aquaplane header.

When we first started up the Tornado, we had no idea what to expect. We were quite pleased. The car was mellow with just a touch of rortiness when we revved it.

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