Jun 16, 2015 update to the Tornado Typhoon project car

Figuring Out a Wiring Harness

The guys at British Wiring laid our old wiring harness out and matched it with a new Triumph TR3 harness.

The wiring harness we got with our project Tornado Typhoon was a twisted mess of junk. We decided right away, that we would start fresh. As you can well imagine, you can’t just order a wiring harness for this car.

We could have used a modern buggy or hot rod harness, but nothing makes a concours judge cringe quicker than looking under the hood and seeing non-period correct pieces, like the wiring harness.

So, we decided to take the old harness on one of our many trips north to British Wiring.

We laid the harness out and they told us it looked pretty similar to a TR3 wiring harness. The fundamentals, like horn, lights and dash lights were all pretty much same. A TR3 harness would be period correct and finding fuse panels, relays and the like would be a snap—TR3s are still quite popular.

British Wiring’s harnesses are beautifully made, concours quality, and reasonably priced at well under $500

So, like that, our wiring harness problem was solved.

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