Finding the Aquaplane Intake and Exhaust Manifold

When Tornados and other English Ford-based specials were assembled in the late ‘50s, one of the first things builders did was call Aquaplane.

Aquaplane was the leading producer of English Ford aftermarket parts. Their high compression heads, dual SU carb intake manifolds, headers, cam shafts and other pieces supposedly improved the 1172cc Ford engine’s pathetic performance.

When we picked up our project car, we started looking for any and all Aquaplane parts we could find. Naturally, if you are patient, you can occasionally stumble across this type of stuff on eBay at good prices and if you are in a hurry, you can pay through the nose for this stuff.

And then, of course, the ultimate accessory for your English Ford based special would be a Shorrock Supercharger, which would boost engine output to a mind-blowing 60 horsepower.

We started looking and quite quickly found a used Aquaplane dual SU intake manifold from Anglia Obsolete. And Kip Motor had a used Aquaplane header. These two items would pump power up a little bit, but more importantly would give our little Ford engine a bit more of a racy look.

We bead blasted the intake manifold and it came out perfectly. We then painted the exhaust manifold with Eastwood Factory Gray High Temp Coating Spray. We have used this product several times in the past and are pleased with both the look and durability.

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Jerry From LA
Jerry From LA Dork
11/26/14 11:42 p.m.

Now the narrow end of the funnel is the block. Porting and relieving will help these parts work to their potential.

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