Jun 25, 2014 update to the Tornado Typhoon project car

Finding Emblems and Other Parts

The crank had some surface rust from sitting, but had already been turned and was in perfect shape.
Our engine man, Jere Dotten, looks everything over and is pleasantly surprised.

While our body man, Tom, gave us some bad news on our Tornado‘s body, we also got some good news. While inspecting our engine and the receipts that came with the car, it appeared that many of the engine parts were new, including the complicated poured, Babbitt bearings.

While the body looked bad, It looked like we were going to get off easier than we thought on the mechanical side.

We also were amazed to find some new hinges and emblems in the packages, which would most likely have proven difficult to source. We unpacked and inspected everything. Maybe the news was not going to be all bad.

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