Jun 23, 2015 update to the Tornado Typhoon project car

Getting Catch Tanks Installed

To catch radiator water and oil breather vapor, we would need catch cans. This is a requirement in vintage racing and a smart, environmentally responsible idea on a street car as well.

You can use everything from old beer or soda cans to custom-made cans.

We decided the later route would be a bit more up our alley for a car we were taking to a concours event.

Fortunately, Moroso makes a full line of beautiful aluminum catch cans for just over $100 each. We picked up an oil breather catch tank and a radiator catch tank and mounted them just behind our engine.

These aluminum tanks are nicely made and are mounted with allen screws to a nicely made aluminum bracket.

This seemed like a very classy way to solve our catch tank problem.

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