Really Stripping the Body

Once we found the disaster on the nose of our project Tornado Typhoon, we realized that we would need to strip the body further. Originally, we had only stripped the outer paint, assuming the primer was all still good. We were wrong and worried what other damage and poor repair were hidden under that primer.

We called our friends at Blast Masters and asked them if they could strip an old fiberglass body without damaging it. They assured us they had done many Corvettes and other fiberglass bodies and our Tornado would be easy to do in just a day.

This turned out to be a great move on our part. As it turned out, the damage on the nose was the only significant damage, but we did find a couple of other places that required better repair.

We also now had a perfectly stripped Typhoon body that they managed to keep the original Gelcoat intact on. Kudos to Steve, at The Blast Masters for such great work.

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Tahoe Reader
2/18/15 5:50 p.m.

It's good to know that Blast Master works on Fiberglass. I've talked to them at SEMA and was told it would, but you are the first in 2 years to confirm it. I stripped my Elan hardtop with a razor blade and sandpaper, but want a first class stripping of the rest of the body, just because I want it over with fast to see how good or bad my body really is.

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