We Look Over the Seats of Our Tornado

While our body and frame work progressed we decided we should look over and decide what to do with the seats. The original seats were present and while disassembled, were complete. We first assembled these simple little bucket seats and then tested them in the car.

They were not only comfortable, but they fit the car well. We are unsure of their origin, but they are similar to Triumph seats from the late ‘50s. The upholstery was in good enough condition to use as patterns, but not quite good enough to reuse.

We ordered a beautiful piece of leather from a company we found on the internet called Carroll Leather. Leather is sold by the hide (entire cow) and a hide averages about 50 square feet, which is more than enough to cover two small seats.

We went with a gorgeous deep red. Why red? Our intention is to duplicate the color combination of our 1959 Edsel wagon (white with a red interior) and then tow the Typhoon with this Edsel.

From there we welded up a couple of damaged areas on the seat pans and painted them with Eastwood Chassis Black. From here we would head to the sewing room and remake the covers.

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