Nov 25, 2014 update to the Tornado Typhoon project car

We Source A Steering Box

Talk about finding a needle in a haystac. how about a right hand drive, English Ford steering assembly. Our’s was missing when we bough the car, but we found this one at Anglia Obsolete in California.
Like everything else on an English Ford from the late '40s, the steering assembly was simple and easy to rebuild.

One of the few parts we were missing when we found our Typhoon was the steering box and steering shaft, which are one unit on an English Ford.

When we looked over our project, it quickly became evident that the car had logically been built as a right-hand drive car, since it was first registered in England and did not come into this country until the mid-‘80s.

So where could we find a right-hand drive English Ford steering assembly? Would this be this project’s Achilles heal? With ten short months to go before our car’s debut at the Amelia Island Concours, we were starting to feel troubled.

Not to worry, a call to Dean Kirsten at Anglia Obsolete in Vista, California found us a rebuildable steering assembly for less than $200. Upon arrival, the box turned out to be a left-hand drive model.

Kirsten instantly apologized for the mistake, told us he had the correct piece and would send it. Sadly, the aluminum housing itself was cracked on this second steering assembly and was in much worse condition than the first.

He asked us if we wanted our money back and we said no way. This was probably the only right-hand drive English Ford steering assembly in this hemisphere and we were going to make it work one way or another.

We can weld, but our buddy RJ is an artist when it comes to welding aluminum. For $60 he made the housing look brand new. We cleaned, lubricated and painted all the parts, took the best from each box and combined them into one perfectly operating, right-hand drive steering assembly for our Typhoon.

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