How we installed the seats in our Austin-Healey Sprite

Our little Sprite’s interior was quickly coming together and, finally, we could install our rebuilt seats.

Oddly, though, with a seemingly mass-produced car made by a large company, the Sprite simply uses two rectangular strips of wood to raise the seats off of the hump in the floor. Fortunately, we had those strips, so we didn’t need to remake them.

To actually bolt in the seats, though, we did have to weld in some captured nuts. The floorboards come with some, but not all, of these captured nuts installed.

We used an awl to locate the captured nuts through the carpet. After marking the nuts, we punched a small hole through the carpet.

Once installed, the seats are surprisingly comfortable. The rich leather smell adds to the experience. Add in the rest of our interior–the steering wheel, the new interior vinyl, the plush carpet, etc.–and the interior of our Sprite could be called nearly luxurious.

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