Installing our Sprite’s throttle pedal

Every car needs a throttle pedal, and the Sprite’s is pretty conventional: A metal rod attaches at one end to a to a throttle pedal hinged at the floor. And at the top end, a cable is attached to run to the throttle.

We ordered a new pedal from Moss Motors, and the cable came with the supercharger kit. Other than that, we cleaned, painted and lubricated the mechanism before mounting it to the floor in the original location.

At the same time, we ordered a new dimmer switch from Moss Motors. The threaded mounts were already in the floor, and the new wiring harness hung down to attach to the switch.

Pretty simple stuff, but we knocked a couple more steps off the restoration process.

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JimGruber New Reader
4/6/24 2:33 p.m.


Loving your finished Bugeye Sprite. Are you planning on doing a performance improvement article with the Supercharger and 5 Speed installed? Would make a good follow up article. 

For my '60 BE Rebuild, I deleted the mechanical fan and installed a 10" fan as a pusher in front of the radiator. If I had not had a radiator already full of coolant I believe it would have fit behind the radiator and minus mechanical fan would fit fine. I use a Revotec fan controller in the lower radiator hose set to comr on at 190 degrees. I run a 160 degree thermostat and the engine normally runs around 175. At a stop light the Electric Fan kicks on, and when I pull into the garage the fan will run for 2-3 minutes when I shut off the engine. I also wired in a switch below the dash to switch on the fan manually. This setup works just fine for me during Tampa, FL Summer heat.

Bugeye Guy has a nice accelerator pedal that bolts to the accelerator linkage and allows you to have a smooth carpet and no need to bolt it to the floor. Also avoids another place for dirt and grit to accumulate under your right foot. 

Jim Gruber

Apollo Beach, FL

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