Tips for installing a modified drivetrain into a Bugeye Sprite

With our Sprite’s engine together and our five-speed transmission attached, it was time to install our drivetrain.

The transmission kit came with a new mount, and we installed new rubber engine mounts to the metal brackets that all Sprites came with. Naturally, we first media blasted and powder coated those mounts.

Other than some interference between the transmission and the heater box, installation was straightforward.

We were able to squeeze in the assembly, but barely. With hindsight being 20/20, we might have modified the heater box a bit to make this job easier.

You will need a jack, jack stands and engine hoist, as you will need to get under the car to guide the assembly in place and then bolt down the mount.

And this is definitely a two-person job. The hood and radiator cannot be in the car when trying to install the engine.

With the engine nearly in place (about two inches from the mounts), you can sneak the header into place.

And that is essentially the job. Small, light engines go pretty easily into small, light cars.

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