How to build an engine cradle from air? | Project Elva sports racer

Most of the mounts and brackets that had anything to do with locating our Elva Mk VI sport racer’s drivetrain were broken or missing. Presumably the reason for this reign of terror was the fact that various drivelines had come and gone over the years.

Undeterred, we hunted pictures and parts to recreate the hardware needed to duplicate our car’s setup when campaigned by the factory at Sebring in 1962.

Through the Elva Racing Cars Facebook group, we met a reader who recently found and acquired the sister car to ours. This one also raced at Sebring.

He was kind enough to loan us his original engine cradle so we could make a copy.

After test fitting the piece to make sure it was indeed correct, we set about fabricating an exact duplicate.

This cradle was a simple device created from angle iron. We measured out the pieces that we would need, bent them into shape, and then tacked them into place.

We then test fitted our new cradle and, after a slight bit of trimming, it fit perfectly and looked exactly like the original.

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