Need a custom flywheel? Just call Fidanza. | Project Elva sports racer

Our Elva Mk VI sports racer didn’t come with a lot of things, including a flywheel. We didn’t expect to find one at the corner parts store, either.

Fortunately, Fidanza has the ability to make custom flywheels. They feature replaceable surfaces and are made here in the U.S. using the latest computer-aided design. The flywheels are also balanced before they leave the factory.

This special request turned out to be fairly easy for Fidanza as its crew is familiar with our Coventry Climax engine and was able to find a pattern for our needed flywheel.

The flywheel is a work of art.

The bolt pattern fits the crankshaft perfectly. Our 5.25-inch Tilton clutch also fits perfectly. And the starter lined up against the ring gear flawlessly.

We finished the installation up with ARP hardware to insure we had the strongest fasteners possible.

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