Reattaching the Entire Rear Bulkhead | Project Elva Sports Racer

As the pictures showed, our Elva Mk VI sports racer was missing the entire rear bulkhead–which, in this case, serves as the firewall. Thankfully, while a bit battered, the piece did come with the car. It just wasn’t attached. So this meant repair instead of complete fabrication from scratch. 

With the body now jigged and straight, our first step was to get the piece cleaned up, making especially sure the edges were cleaned and feathered for patching and reattaching. 

We then got the piece in position and held it in place with clamps and strips of aluminum that we screwed to the body.

From there, it was more straight-forward fiberglass repair, although we had to make patches both sides to add strength in this critical area.

We also had to account for the roll bar coming up over the driver’s head. We roughed in this area, and will finish it once we install the roll bar.

As you can see from the finished photo, we were able to build the area up around the roll bar, get the panel in correctly, and are one step closer to having our Elva back on track.

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