Rebuilding a Brake Pedal | Project Elva Sports Racer

As we were prepping the pieces of our Elva Mk VI sports racer for media blasting, we realized that the brake pedal had been poorly modified, presumably to improve the driver’s ability to heel-and-toe the pedals.

We needed to return it to its original configuration.

After some investigation, we figured that the brake pedal should resemble the clutch pedal. Here’s how we restored the brake pedal.

Our starting point: Someone had badly modified the brake pedal, presumably to better heel-and-toe the pedals.

Our first step was to remove the brake pedal’s butchered-on addition with a cutoff wheel.

Then we smoothed out the cut.

We then media-blasted both pedals. Cutting off the brake pedal’s extension revealed its back brace. We’d use that to strengthen the repair.

We found a piece of steel that matched the thickness of the clutch pedal’s pad. We traced the clutch pedal pad onto this piece of steel so we could make a matching pad for the brake pedal.

Using a cutoff wheel, we cut this new pedal pad to the correct size.

We then used our bench sander to trim the corners so that this new pad duplicated the one on the clutch.

We also needed to duplicate the brake pedal’s arm. We first found some tubing that perfectly matched that used for the clutch pedal. After cutting, we tack-welded it in place.

Once we had the arm properly cut to length, we tack-welded together our rehabbed brake pedal.

After final welding and painting, our new pedal looks factory. The pedal already sported some welding marks around the pivot point, so the additional ones don’t bother us. And while you can’t see it in this picture, there is a brace behind the pedal to further strengthen our repair.

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