The Fate of Our Project Corvair

It is with great sadness that we’ve decided to sell our Chevrolet Corvair project car. While we love this car and are thrilled with how it came out, we’re just flat out of garage space. Plus, new project cars keep coming into our world.

The car is fully sorted, a ball to drive, and has proven to be perfectly reliable. Now, we have everything sorted, and it starts right up after sitting for weeks at a time. The car will be sold with all its original parts, in case someone wants to return it to becoming totally stock. This is a unique chance to own a rare, low mileage classic that’s never seen any rust and has been properly and nearly completely restored.

We’ve had a lot of readers ask if we’ll ever sell this car, so in fairness to all, we’ve decided to list this car on eBay, with no reserve and with a $200 starting price. Please, spread the word, and hopefully, one of our loyal readers will end up with one of the best project cars we’ve had in our Classic Motorsports family.

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