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We finally got a good title for our 1963 Chevrolet Corvair Monza Spyder. For the last six months we have been going back and forth with California DMV trying to get the title squared away. It seems that the last time CA-DMV issued a title for this car, a DMV clerk transposed two numbers in the serial number. We knew that there was no problem with the car itself, as the numbers were early in the serial number and indicated detail stuff, not the car’s actual serial number.

After going back and forth three times, CA-DMV admitted the mistake, fixed the issue and sent us a clear title to our Corvair.

We also have upgraded the tires. The 195/60R14 tires we had were a little too short for a Corvair. At less than 24-inches in diameter they did not look right. They also made the fact that a Corvair was not equipped with an overdrive transmission painfully obvious. We chose Firestone’s Affinity LH30, sized 195/70R14 as our replacement. At 24.8-inches in diameter they are perfect for a Corvair. The 70-series aspect ration gives us more performance than the stock 13x6.5-inch tires.

The Firestone is an all season tire and it’s available from the Tire Rack for $59 each. They ride well, handle well and don’t look out of place on our Corvair.

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amyguo861023 None
9/12/10 10:14 p.m.

I have AD900 Pro and AD900 manual,but i don't know where i can attach it.anyone need it ,pls feel free to contact me.I am happy to share it to everyone.

E-mail:sales02@cardiag.co.uk MSN:sales02@cardiag.co.uk phone:(86)15072360818

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