Fixing holes in our Corvette’s storage area

A 1965 Corvette Coupe has a pretty large storage area behind the seats. These twin binnacles hold the jack and tire wrench on the left side with plenty of space for tools and spare parts. The binnacle on the right side is wide open and offers considerable space for storing stuff.

After cleaning the jack and lug wrench, we determined that they were good enough to retain as is. No need to fully restore them. (Plus, how often will people see them?)

We did, however, make sure the lug wrench fit our lugs. The wrong lug wrench is the kind of thing you want to realize in the comfort of your garage and not out on a busy highway.

There was one real issue, though. The previous owner had, for some inexplicable reason, put two big holes in the left-side binnacle. Obviously, this would allow water to come in and rust the jack and whatever else is stored in there.

The best way to fix this would be to get the fiberglass repair supplies out of the cabinet and glass in a repair. As the holes were pretty well hidden, we took an easier route.

First, we vacuumed out the binnacle. Then we cleaned everything–both surfaces surrounding the hole–with a solvent to remove any wax and dirt.

Next, we placed some duct tape over the hole. This allowed us to fill the hole with Fasco Epoxo 88, our favorite epoxy. Once dry, we faded in a bit of our Top Flight Bright Blue, delivering a quick, nearly perfect, watertight repair.

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M2Pilot Dork
5/27/24 10:54 p.m.

When I had a C2 in my youth the bin behind the seat made a decent beer cooler.  Remove the drain plug, throw in a six pack and ice & go.

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