Giving our Corvette a sporty, yet street-compliant, alignment

While our 1965 Corvette had new tires and wheels, we didn’t want to drive any further than to the alignment shop. Fortunately, it’s only about 4 miles to the Alignment Shop, our go-to for this kind of work.

Shop owner Geoff Thompson didn’t find anything amiss under the Corvette, declaring it a nice, original example.

He did notice that the arms that link the differential to the stub axle had been bent a bit. This is a common trick, he explained, to gain negative camber on race cars.

He worked around this and got us about ¾ of a degree of negative camber at all four corners as well as zero toe and about 2.75 degrees of positive caster. This will make for good street manners until we decide just how much track time our project Corvette will see.

[How to master chassis setup, from tire pressures to alignment]

After the alignment plus the fresh tires, the car feels much more modern than its birthday would let on. More and more, we’re seeing why these cars have so many fans.

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