Strengthening the Frame

Once sandblasted, we noticed the front (rear) spring-hanger starting to crack on one side. This is a common Tiger problem.
The kit from Mod Tiger made quick work of the cracked spring hanger problem. The repair is now much stronger than it was originally.

With the busy summer event travel season over, work has begun in earnest on our Tiger. Earlier in the year we stripped the body and primed it with DP40 primer. We found less rust and more accident damage than we had anticipated.

The next step was to flip the car over (a rotisserie sure helped here). We borrowed one from coworker, Gary Hunter who also did most of the sand blasting and undercoating stripping from underneath the car. Again, we were pleased in the rust department and less pleased in the wear and tear department.

Sunbeam Tigers have a tendency to tear out their panhard rod mounts and crack their front spring hanger mounts from the frame with hard use. Our car had both of these problems. Tigers East/Alpines East tech bulletins show how to fix both problems. A $175 dollar kit from Tom Hall of ModTiger Engineering LLC ( solved the problems quickly and easily.

With the chassis bare of undercoating you just bend and weld in the lazer-cut pieces that Tom has designed. Yes, you could cut these pieces yourself, as they are just flat steel, but the time it would take quickly makes the Mod Tiger kit look like a bargain. The panhard rod relocating kit actually moves the panhard bar down where it sits at a better angle causing less binding.

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