Carpets and Headliner

Our buddy, Jere Dotten, helped us install the new headliner. This needs to be done before the glass is installed.
We used glue and clothes pins to hold our headliner in place. It came out looking great.
Before putting down our package shelf cover, we made sure it was heat and sound insulated.

One of the first items we reinstalled was the headliner. Unfortunately, our original headliner had been damaged by a leaking rear window seal. It needed to be replaced.

We found a local upholstery shop, Coastal Fabric & Foam, who found us some headliner material that looked pretty similar. While they were at it, they found us some maroon-colored loop-pile carpet and some binding material. Both looked good enough. For around $200, we had everything we needed in order to redo the headliner and carpet.

We keep scraps of material in our attic and found some suitable felt-type material that looked like it could have been a package shelf. We cut this material to size and added some vinyl edging. We cut the carpet pieces to size and then took the whole mess to that upholstery shop, who charged us less than $200 to make a headliner, bind our carpet pieces, and make us a package shelf cover.

So, for less than $400 in materials and labor, we had much of our interior done.

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