Time to Weigh In

It turns out our Benz is rather nose heavy.

Worse still, about 55% of the weight is on the front of the car.

Just for kicks we decided to corner weight our1966 Mercedes-Benz 230 S. At 3095 pounds total, this is not a light car—or particularly well-balanced either. The left front carries 877 pounds, the right front carries 818 pounds. At the rear, the left side carries 706 pounds and the right carries 694 pounds.

This translates to 51.15% of the weight being on the left side of the car, a figure that gets worse when you add the weight of a driver. Worse still, about 55% of the weight is on the front of the car, which is an even bigger problem for improving handling prowess on a rear-wheel drive machine.

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ian @ Jewel Or Jalopy
ian @ Jewel Or Jalopy New Reader
3/20/12 12:04 p.m.

That actually doesn't seem horrible for a basic RWD sedan. I'd love to corner weight my Berlina. It's already had the battery moved to the trunk, not sure how much more I can do inexpensively.

nomar None
4/1/12 9:29 p.m.

Agree with the previous comments. You don't mention anything about how much gas is in the tank. You are likely to have different handling bias with differing amounts of gas. I've heard that the 300SL's handle best with a full tank, wonder if this is also the case with the W111's. Let us know what differences you notice.

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