Blasted Media!

We knew we needed to get the old paint, rust and fiberglass repairs out of our Mini tub. We just had to decide the best way to do it.

Dipping a car has some advantages, but its biggest disadvantage is you can’t get all the solution back out, and if anything leaks out when painting, it can make a real mess. Also, dipping removes everything, so factory paint, sealants and the like will be taken out, even where you can’t get new materials back in.

Because of these reasons, we decided to dry strip the car with soda and media. If done right, media blasting might be the best way to strip a car. Our paint expert, Tom Prescott, preferred we prep the car this way.

We met Steve and Debbie of Blast Masters, Inc. at the Turkey Rod Run car show in Daytona. We liked them right off. They knew a lot of the same people we knew. They even knew the guy we had bought our Mini from, and had tried to buy the same car.

They took the time to come look our car over again while they were up our way. They said they could get it stripped down inside and out for between $1200 and $1400, which sounded way easier than trying to do it ourselves with our Eastwood home equipment.

We took the car down a couple of weeks later and found their shop very professional. It took them nearly two full days. Stripping a car is a lot of work. They did a beautiful job. They even coated the car with some anti-rust oil so we could get it back home and prime it. They took the extra time to get the job done right.

We have only good things to say about Blast Masters. We learned a lot about media blasting, which we will share with you in an upcoming issue of Classic Motorsports. Subscribe today, so you don’t miss this issue. You can call Blast Masters at (561) 685-5378.

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