Sep 14, 2012 update to the Austin Mini Cooper S project car

Project Introduction: 1967 Mini Cooper S

This car has not been driven since 1978.
The car is currently sitting on rollers, as the original Hydrolastic suspension has collapsed.
The gutters on this Mini aren't terrible, but they will still need some minor repairs.
The doors will also need to be fixed, as they are rusty.

It wasn’t much to look at, however; it had had its original Tartan Red paint job masked by a dull silver respray.

Since the inception of this publication, it has been our intent to tackle a Mini project car. With incredible handling, cheeky styling, and a reputation as a giant-killer, everyone from British car enthusiasts to racers, collectors, and microcar fans loves Minis.

Some ten years ago we were made aware of a very rare Mini, a real 1967 1275 Cooper S. It was sitting in a warehouse in south Florida, where it hadn’t been touched for nearly 30 years. Intact, except for the driveline (which had been disassembled and carefully bagged and tagged), this matching numbers 1275 Cooper S was a perfect restoration candidate. It wasn’t much to look at, however; it had had its original Tartan Red paint job masked by a dull silver respray.

The owner originally wanted $10,000 for the car, explaining that the car was worth $25,000 when finished. We politely explained that he was indeed correct: Once we put $25,000 in parts, body, and paint work (along with hundreds of hours of our own labor), his $10,000 Mini was certainly worth at least $25,000. He wouldn’t budge on his price, though, so we passed on the car.

As time marched on, we checked on the little car occasionally. Finally, during this last recession, this owner wound up needing some money, and sold us this great little project for a much more reasonable sum of $5500. While still a lot for a car that doesn’t run or drive, this was a fair price due to this car’s rarity and completeness.

We hitched up the trailer, loaded the Mini on, and brought it home where it sits now. Soon, we’ll be tearing into this project at full speed.

It was an itsy bitsy, teeny-weeny rally-winning project Mini. Subscribe to Classic Motorsports and get them in your mailbox.
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RHCorley New Reader
9/15/12 12:02 p.m.

I'm glad it found a good home...

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