Fixing the Fuel System on our Shelby Mustang

With the engine installed and the clutch in place, it was time to get the rest of the ancillary systems figured out.

The first system we tackled in our Shelby GT 350 was our fuel system. Since we had fuel-clogging problems from the start, we ordered a new gas tank from NPD. Our car came with a new mechanical fuel pump and we decided to stick with it because we have never had a mechanical pump fail. Yes, it was possible that this stock pump would not flow enough fuel for our more powerful engine, but we wanted to try this step before we spent money on a noisy, possibly temperamental electric fuel pump. Besides, a big block Mustang from the same year would have used the same fuel pump that we already had.

From there, we chose Holley’s new HP series carburetor. We were blown away how light, easy to work on and nicely finished this new Holley carburetor is.

Even with no choke installed, the car starts easily, runs smoothly and has great power throughout the rev range. Probably thanks to the Holley’s larger float bowls, we have experienced no fuel starvation problems with this new carb. The Holley HP bowls were designed for improved cornering on cars like our Shelby.

The final link in our fuel system was to use all new fuel lines from Classic Tube. Again, their stuff fit out car perfectly and we are pleased with the time and money Classic Tube lines save us. Classic Tube makes Mustang fuel lines in both the original 5/16” size and larger 3/8” size. In an effort to keep things original we opted for the smaller stock size. Again, it was big enough for a “big block”, it should be big enough for us.

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