Installing a factory trunk release kit on our Shelby GT350

Something we recently learned regarding our Shelby: A factory trunk release kit existed.

We found this one on eBay for about a hundred bucks. The part number, C7AZ-62432A00-A, designates this as a full-size Ford part number from 1967. A Mustang-only part number would replace the “AZ” with “ZZ.” (The advantages of growing up in a Ford dealership.)

The kit was very complete, including directions for how to put it into a myriad of different Fords. Other than nearly 60 years of storage dust, the kit arrived in perfect condition.

The concept was pretty simple: You mount the lever on the floor next to the seat, run the cable back to the trunk lock through the quarter panel, and mount a stop for the cable. (In our case, begrudgingly, on the original Shelby inner taillight box.) You then clamp the cable down with the provided clamps along the way.

We got it assembled and tested it.

And the cable immediately came apart inside the handle.

We then spent a couple of hours reengineering the whole assembly. While a bit ticked, we were pretty determined to make the thing work. (At this point, naturally, we started to wonder why we were screwing with the whole thing.)

In the end, though, we did get it to work perfectly, and now enjoy the convenience it has added to this car on tours. 

And if we are being honest, the inner geek in us likes showing it off at shows. Almost no other Shelby (or Mustang, for that matter) has this nifty factory accessory. 

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Noddaz PowerDork
6/3/24 9:38 a.m.

That is neat.  Thank you!

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