Moving Forward on Our Shelby’s Chassis

The differential and axle are ready to go back in the car.
The new fuel tank dropped in place with no drama or surprises.

Once the differential was in place, we systematically began installing one part after another.

Once the differential was in place, we systematically began installing one part after another on our Shelby GT 350. In an effort to solve our fuel starvation problem once and for all, we installed a new fuel tank from NPD. We also finished installing our brake and fuel lines from Classic Tube. Paul Fix, owner of Classic Tube, is a long time Shelby enthusiast and his company has replicated Mustang and Shelby tubing to perfection. They also sell a concours-quality fitting kit to perfectly replicate all the clamps that hold these brake and fuel lines to the chassis. While available in stainless and original mild steel, the folks at Orlando Mustang suggested that we opt for mild steel, as it is easier to install and bends easier. Under the light duty of car shows and occasional use, these will hold up forever. We found Classic Tube super to deal with, their prices are very reasonable—between $100 and $200 to do an entire car—and everything they sent us fit perfectly.

The next thing we did on the chassis was to install Cobra Automotive’s nifty tie down kit. While designed for Shelby race cars, this kit has four fabricated tie downs for each corner of the car. The rear set slips over the differential housing and the fronts bolt to the control arms. With this kit in place, we can quickly, easily, and safely tie our car down to transport it to race or rally events.

As things were progressing, every few days new parts were ordered and picked up at National Parts Depot. The original parts we were reusing we painted to Mustang Club of America concours guidelines in black, silver and gold cadmium and natural finishes, all from Eastwood.

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