Mysterious Taillight Problem

The brake lights and emergency flashers on this car run through the turn signal switch. A regular Mustang has just two brake light bulbs, whereas a Shelby GT 350 has six. These six puts inordinate current through the turn signal switch. We have blown out two so far. Suspecting a dead short, we looked and looked but couldn’t find one. Our next shot is at replacing our standard brake light bulbs with low-draw LED replacements.

Our friends at NPD have this switch right in stock and tell us they are not usually a problem area. They also said this is the last one they would give us for free: We obviously have another problem if we keep blowing them out. Orlando Mustang tell us they have not seen this problem either. We will try this fix and report back. At about $100 each, we don’t want to buy many of these turn signal switches.

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