Upgrading our GT350’s battery for improved cranking power

Our Shelby’s battery was about four years old. Not the worst but, with a big road trip coming up, we figured it was time to replace it–a stitch in time and all that.

XS Power makes batteries perfectly aimed at our market. Its D2400 AGM battery fit perfectly in our Shelby and offers 1200 cranking amps at 32 degrees. A normal store brand battery in the same size offers just 700 cranking amps.

While 700 amps might be enough, cranking a high-compression V8 on either a cold morning or when heat-soaked can leave you a bit stranded. XS Power also claims to offer shorter and lighter alternatives to other motorsports-grade batteries.

So far, the XS Power battery has worked very well. They are available from Summit Racing or directly from the manufacturer.

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