GT6 Back in Action

JK could probably perform this operation in his sleep. He knows everything about these cars!

We recently had to rebuild the transmission in our Group 44 GT6+. There was an alignment problem between the engine and gearbox that caused premature wear in the transmission. Fortunately our Triumph guru, JK Jackson, figured out the issue in a hurry and got our gearbox back together. We’ll put it back in the car this week.

Also, a bit of news: We get to run the car at the VTR National convention this fall.

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Vince Reader
6/18/10 10:02 p.m.

I aquired my 3rd GT6 a couple of weeks ago that I am restoring to Vintage Race and am very inspired by Group 44 GT6+...

Are you running the stock transmission? Have you done anything special to the clutch and flywheel?

Cheers, Vince

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