GT6+ Stub Axle Mystery

Does this look like a TR6 piece to you? If not, what is it?

Our research with Group 44 Inc. mechanic Lanky Foushee indicated that our GT6+ used a Corvair rear stub axle. However, since we currently have both the GT6+ and our 1964 Corvair apart at the same time, we realized that the stub axle in our Triumph is definitely not a Corvair piece. It’s not a Datsun part, either, according to expert Les Cannady. There aren’t that many IRS cars out there from this time frame. Now we’re thinking that the stub axle may actually be a Triumph TR6 piece, as it slides into a TR6 yoke. But maybe it’s a Corvette piece? What do you think?

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Marty New Reader
4/28/10 9:29 p.m.

Nope, don't think it is TR6. You could always torch the zebra apart to double check:) Hi Gary!


kevintpoe New Reader
5/10/10 10:58 a.m.

Maybe late model (65-69) Corvair?

1/19/21 7:22 a.m.

Did you ever figure out mwhat the stub axle was from?  I am restoring a GT6+ that has been a race car all of its life and it has the same axle and flange in it.  The car was originally Roger Hettrick's car and was raced on the west coast.  It ran in the run offs a couple of times and appears to have been professionally prepared (for the time).

clshore Reader
9/2/21 3:21 p.m.

It's NOT a GT6 part, nor a TR-6 part, both of those attach the outer flange to the axle stub with a threaded nut in the center of the wheel flange.
The pictured axle and hub are one forged piece, with splines and a nut to capture the inner fixings.

Here is a pic of Corvair stub axles (note 66-69 with IRS, NOT the 64 cars that use swing axles)
1966 -69 CORVAIR Rear Axle, Front Spindle/Hub Assemblies | eBay
Similar splined axles with threaed tips, but the wheel flanges are very different, so I don't think
they are the source of the part in your picture. 

Do the Group 44 car halfshafts use stock Rotoflex donuts, UJ & sliding splines, or CV joints?
If Rotoflex, then the end will be a forged tripod.
If UJ & sliding splines, then a conventional UJ yoke (like TR-6)
If CV joints, then a CV knuckle.
I suspect that it is an American car live axle that has been cut to length, splined, and threaded tip.
Similar work was done to create Spitfire 1 piece racing swing axles by SAE, Mueller, and others.
The SAE donor axles were from Dodge Dart/Valiant rear ends (I still have my set from 1971).
But those axles look beefier, maybe from a larger Mopar or Ford axle.

Carter Shore



Tim Suddard
Tim Suddard Publisher
9/9/21 9:02 a.m.

I heard they were everything from Mercedes to Chevy. Group 44 founder Bob Tullius recently bought the car. Hopfully he can remember what he out in it originally.

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