Oct 11, 2004 update to the Volvo 142 project car

142 Reunited with its Engine

Vintage Performance Developments baffled oil pan
New D cam
The stock flywheel and our lightened version
This is how we transferred the engine from our stand to the hoist. The engine stand is a $34 special from Harbor Freight, while the engine crane we purchased used from a friend for $50.
The freshly rebuilt and painted engine on its way in.
The engine back in its natural habitat.

We installed a baffled oil pan from Vintage Performance Developments to keep the oil close to the pick up during hard cornering. Using a stock pan, John welds in small plates to keep the oil from sloshing around.

Unfortunately, we broke the first “D” cam that we installed in the engine by neglecting to install a small steel spacer. It looked like it was a part of the original cam, so we didn’t notice when the new one went in. Luckily, stock grind cams are quite inexpensive, this D cam was under $100.

The stock flywheel weighs in at 22 pounds, while our lightened version is just 16. You can see how the contour is different on the back. On the flip side, the lightened flywheel has been machined on the shoulder, further reducing weight.

We used the original style Volvo laquer that we bought from Swedish Treasures. It’s redder than Ford Red, which is what many Volvo restorers use.

We took the time to clean and paint everything surrounding the engine so it’s nice and pretty.

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