Jan 24, 2005 update to the Volvo 142 project car

Busy Day for the Volvo

It was a chilly day in Florida (about 45 degrees) but we drove our now-fuel injected Volvo to DeLand for a Central Florida region SCCA autocross. Per ran in “Expert” where he was uncontested, while Kim ran in FSP, against a Cavalier. Kim caught a cone on her last run of 44.9, winding up with a 46.9 as her fastest run against the Cavalier’s 44.5. Per slung the Volvo around to a 41.423, with his second fastest run being a 41.424. This compares quite favorably to the Acuras, Subarus and Mitsubishi Evos that were seen at the event.

Later we went to the dynamometer shop. After some tuning, how does 117.1 horsepower sound? It was a cool day here in Florida. The dyno had a correction factor of .94 (meaning that the raw numbers were in the mid 120s)

Our numbers are with the following set up: Stock E intake and exhaust manifolds Skandix Sport Exhaust Rebuilt .040-in. over B20E engine, balanced 003 cast iron distributor, 13 btdc, 35 degrees total. PerTronix ignitor, MSD 6A box.

I think we’re getting close to the numbers the I.T. drivers are getting, which is the low 120s. They use the stock DJet fuel injection, but are also running headers and near-open exhaust systems. They will also deck the heads and blocks to the legal limit, something we didn’t do to our engine, as we’re running street gas.

Oddly enough, the engine actually responded very well to more fuel than we were expecting. Air/fuel ratios of 11.5:1 actually produced the best power today.

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