Nov 22, 2004 update to the Volvo 142 project car

Race on Sunday, Drive the Volvo to Work on Monday

The 142 had a busy weekend. We dynoed the new engine on Friday at BNO Performance. The newly rebuilt B20e engine with a stock cast-iron exhaust manifold, our cobbled exhaust system and a pair of rebuilt SUs pumped out 93 horsepower at the rear wheels. We were having significant ignition problems above 4500 rpm and we’ve jumped back to our points-type ignition. Since then the car has “cleared out” considerably in the high rpm range. We’ll need to retest to see how this effected things.

On Saturday, we cleaned up a set of tan leather 164 seats. The leather seating surfaces need to be replaced, but we’re thinking about having this done and going with these for the passenger and rear seats. We’ve also ordered a Corbeau Classic II seat for the driver’s chair. It’s a vintage-styled seat that will fit well with our project’s spirit. It’s also priced well at just $199.

On Sunday, we attended the last CFR autocross of the season, finishing first in F Street Prepared. Prior to this event, we cut back the rear bumpstops a little more and removed the rear anti-roll bar to keep the inside rear tire on the ground. We think these changes worked as the car could now power-oversteer without lifting its leg around corners. We’re now considering a larger front bar (to keep the inside rear down more) and possible a higher rear spring rate (too offset the loss of rear bar bar). In addition to handling better, the car was more powerful than last weekend. Much more fun on course.

Unfortunately, our co-driver, Kim, wasn’t able to attend this event as she had to work. Maybe next time!

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