Jun 5, 2007 update to the Datsun 240Z project car

Running of the Z

Getting tuned on the dyno.
John Williams performs some minor tweaks to get the Z running better.

We offer a special thanks to Classic Datsun and Motorsport Auto, who helped with this stage of the project.

As we mentioned last time, we had our 240Z on display at the Classic Motorsports Mitty Presented by Mazda. There were still a few issues to sort out. We were not happy with the original 3.36:1 final drive our new five speed had. We opted for a 3.54:1 final drive from an automatic transmission from an early Z car. This turned out to be perfect for highway use. If this car was just an autocross or race car we would have used a 3.9:1 final drive.

John Williams kept the car in Atlanta and sorted a bunch of little things. He got the car tuned a bit better. The float bowls needed some adjusting and he changed the pilot bearing to a roller bearing type that proved to be quieter.

We offer a special thanks to Classic Datsun and Motorsport Auto, who helped with this stage of the project.

A four hundred mile drive from Atlanta back to the World Headquarters in Ormond Beach, Florida, proved uneventful and actually relatively easy.

Never being ones to leave well alone, we want to study the induction system a bit more, as we do not feel we have the Z running optimally yet. While we are pleased with our Magnecor plug ignition wires and PerTronix ignition, we feel that either further modifications to the original SUs or a conversion to Webers or fuel injection would make for a better fuel curve, enhanced top end performance and improved mid throttle response.

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1/24/08 8:48 p.m.

I have read all the articles on the 240Z they are great. I like the different modifications you are doing to the Z and your honesty about them. I have several Zs so I am atentive to what your are doing. please keep it up. Once the z community finds out about your articles you will have a lot of comments and subscriptions. M Camps

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