Parts Are on the Way

Once the Mini is mended, weekend joyrides can be back in the plans.

Hopefully the parts will be here and on the car within two weeks.

New cooling system parts for the Mini are on the way. Even though it looks like we just needed to tighten a hose clamp, we decided to give the system some attention. Our order includes both the upper and lower hoses plus a new radiator cap and thermostat.

It’s not related to the cooling system, but we also ordered a new gear shift boot. Ours is pretty much gone, allowing hot air from the engine compartment to enter the passenger compartment. The little fake leather boot someone installed really doesn’t block the hot air.

Hopefully the parts will be here and on the car within two weeks.

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docsaab New Reader
7/8/08 2:52 p.m.

A few years back I had a wolseley hornet shipped over from the Netherlands.It too needed radiator work. easy to do ,not too expensive and once completed the car was the most fun one could ever imagine.Mine was rt hand steer and it got major attention.For what they want for a new smart car you can buy 2 minis in perfect shape and get 2x the passenger space and almost the same mileage.I also payed 23$ a year for insurance.and 12.50 to register it.I want my wolseley back

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