Dec 3, 2003 update to the MG Midget project car

Major Rust Repair is Finished

With the underside finished, we turn to the sides.
More rust to repair.
And yet more rust.

Now that the major rust repair work is done on the underside of the car, we’ve moved on to the little areas that need some attention. The first ones we hit were just above the sills in the footwells on each side of the car (passenger side shown).

We cut away the rust and prepared a patch panel. Unfortunately, on a fairly solid car such as this one, it’s harder to cut away rusty metal. On rusty cars, it’s just not there in the first place! Anyway, we ended up with about a 4x12-inch area on each side that needed to be replaced.

We quickly made up some patch panels out of 20 gauge steel and butt-welded them in using our HTP 140 MIG welder. With the welds ground smooth, the patches are hard to see.

Next we’re going to fix the lower door hinges on both sides as well as the outer a-panel.

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