Aug 7, 2003 update to the MG Midget project car

More Stripping

We have to get the body around some how.
There are a few areas we need to clean up.
Some more rust we need to repair.
And more repairs.

We’ve stripped just about all the paint, bondo, and assorted goo from the Midget and we keep finding surprises—many in strange places.

Up here in Michigan, we’re used to the bottom 12 inches of cars being rusted away. Much of the Midget’s rust is up high. It must have spent quite a bit of time near the ocean, as this kind of rust seems more common in areas where there is salt air.

As the pictures show, there is rust at the leading edge of the hood. We rarely see that in Michigan. The detail picture shows rust at the base of the convertible top. We never see that in Michigan. Not only had the top area rusted, but some previous repairs were completed that made the area worse over time. There was also some rust in both A-pillars and the left rocker panel. We see that all the time in Michigan.

Despite of all this, we’re still calling this a solid restoration candidate. Even with the little bit of rust in the rocker panels, the car is in excellent structural shape. So we’ll be working a little harder, but we’re not worried.

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Virgilproductions None
5/24/13 8:32 p.m.

Looks pretty bare! Did you dip the car or medium blast it?

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