Feb 10, 2003 update to the MG Midget project car

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Here is a look at our Midget before starting.
The paint is faded.
The interior isn't too bad.
Parts cars can help ease any restoration.
Our parts car is rough.
But it came with wire wheels.

Here are some shots of the MG Midget in its “before” condition. Our goal is to restore the Midget with an eye for updating its comfort, safety and performance to modern standards.

The pale primrose yellow paint is dulled, but there is very little rust. What rot the car has is mostly superficial in nature.

The bumpers and trim are in reasonably good shape. Details like these often make up the largest part of a restoration budget.

The interior is tatty, but all there.

A parts car makes any restoration project easier. This Midget was purchased for $100. It appears as though it is an abandoned restoration project itself. Don’t worry, after we’ve taken any bits for our car, we’ll send it to the crusher (just kidding…we’ll sell it to another enthusiast).

Besides a selection of local fauna, the parts car has a set of bumpers and other bits inside. A complete inventory has yet to be made.

We will be converting our car to wire wheels. One large question looms, can you update the brakes and keep the wires?

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