Oct 1, 2003 update to the MG Midget project car

Working on the Bottom

Our custom "rotisserie."
Hammer and chisel are sometimes the best way to fix things.
A cloe sup of our work.

With the Midget tub sandblasted, we’re ready to start working on the rust. We’ve decided to replace the entire floor, including the trunk floor. Even though the panels were all pretty much in tact, they had enough “swiss cheese” to them that replacement is going to be easier than repair.

While we could have used a fancy rotisserie, we went the low-buck route to gain access to the underside of the car. A couple of 2x4s cut, drilled and mounted in the right spots are helping hold the car upside down while we work on the floor. We’ve left the doors on through the process so that we can check the gaps and make sure they stay straight.

Once flipped upside down, we started cutting the passenger side floor out with an air chisel. We also used an electric 4-inch grinder in some spots. After a few hours of noisy work, we ended up with one floor removed and ready for replacement.

We’ll weld in the replacement floor (sourced from Moss Motors) before we start cutting anything else apart. We’ve always felt it’s best to keep as much as the car intact at a time as possible.

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